Hannah McMullen is a Pilates instructor in New York City.

Growing up as a dancer, Hannah learned how to express herself through music and movement. When she discovered Pilates, she was drawn to its mix of freedom and focus, with the added science of strength. Hannah teaches in group Pilates mat and equipment classes, as well as private in-home training and corporate wellness programs. Pilates gave her a new way to connect with her mind, body, community, and hopefully now, you.


What is Hannah M. Pilates?

Pilates connects your mind to your muscles, so you can move your whole body with the power of your core. Hannah’s classes are equal parts fun and hard work, so you’ll leave feeling challenged yet supported. With jams on in the background, her classes flow freely under her full attention. You'll often hear her say "Embrace the shake," as she kicks your ass with a smile on her face, making you laugh and connect to your power at the same time.

What do you get with Hannah M. Pilates?


Confidence (Love, trust, Cherish)

Community & company (New friends)

Mood booster (stress relief, happiness)

Energy builder (Fun, Power)

Self-care (You-time)

Mind-Body Connection (Intentional Movement)


Toning (long & strong muscles)

Flexibility (Freedom in your movement)

Balance, Control, & Safe Movement (Muscle & joint stability/mobility)

Healing from injury (Rehabilitation)

Feel lighter (Weight-loss)

Hannah’s Credentials


Pilates Mat (2016), Reformer (2017), Springboard/Tower (2017), Chair (2018), TRX (2018)

Classically Trained; 4th Generation under Joseph Pilates


Bachelor of Arts, SUNY Geneseo (2012)

Dance Training: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip-Hop, Tap